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Hacienda San Isidro

Mr. José Varela Blanco established  San Isidro sugar mill to process sugar cane and later for the production of liquors, forming the company Varela Hermanos, S.A.

When visiting" Hacienda San Isidro" you will be able to take Panama's rum route, a tour of the facilities of the hacienda in which you  will first visit the extraction area, where cane is ground and the juice is separated by the use of rollers and gears that serve as modern "trapiches". As a second part of the tour you will be able to see the mixing and fermentation vats where the juice is fermented to obtain two alcohols, the extra neutral alcohol used to make Seco Herrerano and a molasses alcohol used in the manufacturing of premium rums.

You will then head to the huge aging cellars, where the different products of Ron Abuelo (Añejo, 7 years, 12 years, Finish Collection and Centuria) are aged in barrels of white oak. Here you will learn all about the barrels and the aging process that produces Ron Abuelo, which has won multiple awards from  international experts, and is sold in more than 35 countries.

The Rum Route concludes at the visitors center with a tasting of Ron Abuelo cocktails followed by a traditional Panamanian lunch. The end point of the walk is the tasting of rums, where you will taste the quality of this liquor in all its varieties.

We invite you to enjoy Panamas rum route, a unique experience in our Country. To schedule your tour, book through:

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