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The production processes of Varela Hermanos S. A., starts with the distillation of alcohol obtained from cane juice and molasses. Every year during the summer months (January to May), the company's workforce in Pesé, made up of more than 200 permanent employees and 300 harvest workers, prepare to cut more than 50,000 tons of sugarcane from about 800 hectares of cultivated land owned by the company.

During the rainy season, the sugar cane grows and when summer arrives it is cut and taken to the Don José Distillery in Pesé, where it is weighed and then ground to extract its juice. Later, this cane juice is fermented and distilled in a system of 4 columns, which results in an extra neutral alcohol, used exclusively in the manufacturing of Seco Herrerano, the leading product of Panama and recognized as its national drink.

During the rainy season, the distillation of alcohol and rums is continued, starting from molasses extracted of the sugar cane. This alcohol and rum is used for the manufacturing of other products from the company and particularly in the preparation of rums Abuelo and Cortez for local and international markets.

Throughout the manufacturing process  of rum, starting with the fermentation done with yeast raised in the company's own laboratories, until the aging process in small barrels of white oak, we have achieved a balance of the best technology and rich tradition, resulting in products of unmatched quality.

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