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Seco Herrerano Platinum

Seco Herrerano Platinum

SECO HERRERANO PLATINUM: its original flavor is the result of the perfect combination of Seco Herrerano with the classic lemon flavor. It is a refreshing drink that does not need to be mixed and should be taken in cold, ready to be enjoyed.

SECO HERRERANO PLATINUM CRANBERRY: it is a mixture that achieves the ideal balance between Seco Herrerano and the characteristic flavor and aromas of cranberry.

SECO HERRERANO PLATINUM PASSION FRUIT: it is a perfect blend of sweet and sour. The passion fruit flavor gives an unparalleled refreshing sensation.

SECO HERRERANO PLATINUM MANDARIN: is the most recent member of the PLATINUM family, an exquisite mix between Seco Herrerano and mandarin.

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